Now it’s your moment to shine!

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First you have been reading about who I am and what I do. Now it’s time to share your awesome ideas with me. Isn’t this the whole idea of the works council?
Use this link (within Coolblue) to fill in a Google form. All information will be read and used after the election day. I will then get a new topic up-and-running in Coolbrainstorm where we can share and vote for new ideas.

For now. Remember to share and vote! Let’s go!


6 reasons why you are voting for JML

Choose can be a real weight on your shoulders. Psychologist Barry Schwartz already mentioned it in his TED talk. That’s why I am going to make your life easier. Grab a beer (working hours?) and enjoy the ride.

Here are the 6 reasons why you are going to vote for Jan Maarten. Let’s go!

  1. Listener. A strength which is most of the time underexposed. That’s a shame! Because who will transfer your thoughts into the works council if nobody is listen. Jan Maarten has been coaching colleagues and people in his home situation since years. In this role he has been developing his listener skills to a professional level. Wow, really? Yes indeed. And that’s exactly what you want to get your thoughts on the table.
  2. Experience. JML has been building up his experience to make it shine for you right now. Since 2009 he joined Coolblue. First years as a productmanager for IT shops. He launched new webshops like Monitorstore. You could even know him from one of the first legendary Coolblue Youtube reviews. Wanna have a laugh? Sure, we share this stuff! JML is now Tech Project Lead. That makes him responsible for IT projects like the expansion of our warehouse or the move within are HQ for BI, IT Development and IT Services.
  3. Negotiator. How many examples would you like before you are convinced? This is what he does. Colleagues and friends are asking him to teach them how to do it. Questions like; how those your 10% rule works for me. This is why Coolblue is so happy to have him in his position. Getting the awesome deals and still manage to keep the long-term relations. It’s not about what you want, it’s about what you negotiate. Now think about this having him in the Works Council, right?
  4. Mediator. Before getting a great deal it’s very important to understand long-term relations. Having JML in the Works Council insures you that what issues there might be. There is always a solution. Questions from Coolblue or from you as a voter for JML, will be taking serious. It has to be good for you as a employee but it has to be good for the employer as-well. If you focus on one part it will be out of balance and no-one will be happy. Jan Maarten has proven with his 7 years Coolblue experience that he is capable in balancing all input and make the right decisions. In need of more testimonials? Feel free to ask one of his (former) supervisors.
  5. Working condition. OK. stop. I hear you thinking, is this about my salary? No, please visit your supervisor! Remember point 3&4. Options were we can talk about and which doesn’t cost you approx. 50% tax will be different rewards then a distribution of profits. Think of a free lunch or a hairdresser which you could use. And as a counterpart we go for energy savings on the roof of our warehouse(s) and HQ.
  6. Internal NPS. How those transparency works for us within IT? Are you happy about how things go right now? I think we can improve. We have set a new goal for our external NPS(customer satisfaction). I would like to see that we are going to do the same for internal NPS. 3 things: I want to accomplish that we structurally measure, discuss, and improve the internal NPS. Think of a recurring topic in the update Tuesday or VVV.

And that my IT friend is why you are going to vote for Jan Maarten!